What is Termguard and Why Do We Use It?


There are around 2,750 termite species in the world, and many are in Australia. While the good news is that most aren’t invasive and/or destructive, the few that do can do significant damage to your property. Thankfully, there are several pest management solutions, including Termguard.

What’s Termguard, how does it work, and why do we use it? Read on to find out more about this pest management service.

What’s Termguard?

Termguard is a long-term termite management system. It’s also a damage prevention system; since it keeps termite populations down, this means the wood in your home will be left untouched.

This reticulated and replenishable system is a safe way to protect both your house and family members from termites.


How Does Termguard Work?

Termguard works through a system of 20mm perforated pipes placed around your property’s perimeter. At least 80% of the pipes are placed below the finished pad level, with the holes facing up.

There’s also a Termguard Perimeter System that has a Permecover sleeve. It’s installed approximately 50mm below finished ground level and within 10mm of footing or brickwork. The holes must also face upward.

Once installed, Termguard can deliver termiticide around the property in a safe and equal manner.

The systems are replenished through external injection points every three years or so. Pest control professionals can perform replenishment services without the property owner being present.

What Happens if a Section Becomes Disturbed or Damaged?

If a section is disturbed, a pest control professional can retreat and/or re-inject just that section. In the case of damage, the pest control company can replace or repair that particular section. The Termguard System can be easily reinstated in either case.

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Why Do We Use Termguard?

Termguard has been carefully developed in accordance with both Australian and international specifications. Not only that, but numerous independent Australian termite specialists have tested the agents.

In addition, the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals has approved all agents. They comply with the Australian Standards AS 3660 Series.

What this means for clients is that Termguard is safe to use around both humans and their pets. The termiticides are environmentally friendly too.

How Often Should the Property Be Inspected?

For maximum effectiveness, you should have your property inspected once every year. You must have a full Timber Pest Inspection & Report that’s completed by a licensed Termguard Inspector.

If you haven’t had your property inspected regularly and/or haven’t had the system replenished, you can have the warranty reinstated. Your property must be clear of termite activity.

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Receive Quality Pest Management Today

If you’ve been looking for safe yet effective pest management for termites, then Termguard is the answer. This environmentally safe and long-term solution will keep your property free of these pests for years. So speak to a pest management company to get started.

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