Pest Control Management: Why Do I Need a Cavtect System?


There are 250 described termite species in Australia, which is an alarming number. However, the good news is, there are only around 20 or so that do damage to wood. Even so, just one species is enough to ruin your home. So you need Cavtect on your side to ensure your property remains unharmed.

Don’t know what Cavtect is? Then keep reading. We’ll show you what Cavtect is, why you need it, and which buildings need this pest control management system.

What’s Cavtect?

Cavtect is a reticulated system used for long-term termite management. It has a polypropylene pipe with spray jets, which are placed at specified regular intervals. As a result, it’ll evenly distribute termiticide into a sand and soil layer within a wall cavity.

Termites usually live underground but need to surface to find food. Because they eat cellulose, they target things like your home’s wood, papers, and insulation. This means that if you have a termite infestation, it can destroy your property’s structural integrity.

What Cavtect aims to do is to kill termites before they can make it into your house. When the pests try to come in, they’ll meet their demise when they run into the termiticide.


Why Do You Need Cavtect?

Many pest control solutions are effective but use harmful chemicals in them. This can be hazardous to your health, as well as your family members and pets.

Cavtect is completely safe to use because it was specifically designed with the environment in mind. The chemicals in Cavtect are low in toxicity and are industry-approved. The pest control technician won’t have to spray chemicals around your home’s perimeter, so your garden will be safe for both humans and pets.

Also, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that groundwater won’t be contaminated. Your PVC water pipes won’t be affected either.

In addition, the installation process is fast, easy, and affordable. When the system runs out of termiticide, a pest control professional can re-inject it quickly. And if you have any issues, there’s a lifetime building warranty included.

What Types of Buildings Need Cavtect?

Both new and established houses can use termite reticulation systems like Cavtect. So whether you’re building a new home or are living in an already built one, this pest control management can be used in any building.

Should the system get damaged, a technician can either repair or replace the sections affected. Do note that the external ground level needs to be lower than the Cavtect system, so you won’t be able to raise the soil levels.

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Be Proactive About Pest Control Management

Pest control management is crucial if you want to keep termites away. And with Cavtect, you’ll get an environmentally-friendly solution that’s worth every penny spent.

So don’t wait until you spot trouble to get pest control in Australia. Take action today to have effective yet safe pest control for your home.

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