We have developed a strategic and targeted approach to get rid of ticks.

At Central Coast Pest Exterminators, we have developed a strategic and targeted approach to get rid of ticks. We use specialised pesticides and tools that can eliminate ticks in your backyard and outdoor areas. Ticks can be responsible for spreading diseases to humans or animals.

Ticks can be extremely dangerous for your pets or family. It’s vital to contact Central Coast Pest Exterminators at the first signs of ticks in your home or garden. Typically, ticks attach themselves to the head, ears, neck, shoulders, or between the toes.They can cause rashes, allergic reactions, and even long term health problems for kids and adults.Ticks can also be extremely dangerous for pets and cause fatalities. We recommend employing preventative measures to inhibit ticks before they can spread. Our team can suggest techniques to prevent ticks from moving into your garden.

These pests can thrive in gardens and will often hide in tall grass or weeds. Their diet primarily consists of blood. They prefer humid weather and tend to thrive in the spring and summer months. There are 70 species of ticks in Australia, and they can be extremely difficult to find.

The Central Coast Pest Exterminators service technicians are tick experts and can locate and treat pests effectively and swiftly. Every situation is different, and we approach every house with a unique control plan. We will discuss our plan of attack with you before we get started and recommend options to control the further spread of ticks.

Before spraying for ticks, our technicians will conduct an inspection and investigation of the outdoor property. This will include thoroughly combing through your garden while identifying the types of ticks and how big the colony may be. From there, we will utilise chemical applications to eradicate the ticks in all their life cycles, including egg batches. We typically treat areas like tall grass, vegetation patches, wooded areas, etc. After treatment, we will organise follow-up inspections and do any further control work. We can then recommend advice and additional treatments.

If you’ve spotted ticks or suspect them in your garden, then contact Central Coast Pest Exterminators. We can give advice and organise an inspection.

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