Spiders can be scary and dangerous! Learn more today.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like spiders. In fact, many people are terrified of them!

Many different types of spiders can be found on the Central Coast. Some are harmless, while others can be quite dangerous. It is important to know how to identify different types of spiders and what to do if you encounter one.

Central Coast Pest Exterminators offers spider control services to help get rid of spiders in your home or business. You deserve to live in a safe and healthy environment without spiders crawling all over you. Let us take care of this problem for you so you can relax and enjoy yourself again.

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Most Common Spiders on the Central Coast

There are dozens of different types of spiders found on the Central Coast, ranging from small and innocuous to large and dangerous. The most common spiders include the following:

  • Daddy-Long-Legs

Daddy-Long-Legs spider is a long-legged spider with a small body and is often found in sheds and garages.

  • Huntsman spider

The Huntsman spider is a large, brown spider that is often seen running across walls and ceilings.

  • Funnel Web

Funnel-web spiders are dangerous spiders that build funnel-shaped webs in which they hide and wait for prey.

  • Redback

Redback spiders are small, black spiders with a red stripe on their backs. They are often found in urban areas and build their webs in sheltered places such as under rocks or in bushes.

  • White-tailed spider

The White-tailed spider is a small, black spider with a white stripe on its back. It is often found in houses and gardens.

  • Orb-Weaver spider

Orb-Weavers are large spiders that build spiral webs. They are found in gardens and forests.

There are many different types of spiders on the Central Coast, but these are some of the most common. If you see a spider in your home or business, contact Central Coast Pest Exterminators for help with identification and control. We can help keep you safe.

Spider Control

Central Coast Pest Exterminators are the best choice for effective spider control. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who will inspect your property and identify the source of the spider problem. Once we have identified the source, we will develop a customised treatment plan to eliminate the spiders and prevent them from returning in the future.

In addition to our spider control services, we also offer a wide range of other pest control services. Including rodent control, bed bug control, and termite control. So if you’re looking for the best possible protection against pests, look no further than Central Coast Pest Exterminators.

Spider Bites

If you’re unlucky enough to be bitten by a spider, there are a few things you should do to ensure the best possible outcome.

First, try to identify the type of spider. If it is a poisonous spider, such as a black widow or brown recluse, seek medical attention immediately. Or, if you are not certain what type of spider it is, or if the bite is large or seems to be causing swelling or other symptoms, it is also best to see a doctor. If you start to feel nauseous, dizzy or have difficulty breathing, call emergency services immediately – these could be signs of an allergic reaction.

When the bite is painful or itchy, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen. You can also apply a topical cream or ointment to help soothe the itchiness.

Even if the spider is not poisonous, it is important to clean the wound and watch for infection. Dab the bite with a clean cloth and water. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the wound. With proper care, most spider bites will heal quickly and without complication.

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