Ant Control

Ant Control

Do You Have an Ant Problem?

Ants are one pesky problem that property owners face. They’re always finding ways into houses, buildings or properties- travelling as a group and living in large colonies. Ants can cause big problems for homeowners! Controlling an ant infestation may seem tricky but luckily the Central Coast Pest Exterminators know the best treatments! Our methods vary depending on what kind of ants you have since not all types need the same thing done against them. The right treatment might be different based on type; some require pesticides while others rely more heavily upon chemicals used strategically around areas where food sources exist

If you have no idea about ant species, it’s always a great idea to call our team of professionals at Central Coast Pest Terminators. Our technicians can help distinguish them and provide the best resolutions.

Some effective tips that you can use to prevent ants from coming to your home or business:

  • Keep your entire home tidy. You should be thorough with wiping, washing, and cleaning. Always throw away food scraps and clean plates after the meal.
  • Don’t leave trash in your home for many days until it produces an odour. This smell can quickly attract ants and other sorts of pests.
  • Seal all your food in the correct and reliable containers.  Ants can easily creep through any little holes and gaps. 

Ant Control and Solution

The Central Coast Pest Exterminators team only use high-quality Australian-made products to treat your home.

At Central Coast Pest Exterminators we only employ the best Pest Technicians and can advise you to figure out what treatment you need, not just an expensive and unnecessary option. We are customer centred, which is why so many of our clients rate us highly.

It takes years of expertise and ongoing education with the latest Pet and Family Friendly products to not only get eradicated ants, but to STOP them coming back.

All our local Practitioners can determine the type, source, and extent of the ant infestation to eliminate ants to stop the spread of disease from your home

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Protect Your Home & Family with Central Coast Pest Exterminators

We use precise doses of the best quality chemicals available on the market.

We only utilise the most technologically advanced pesticides in carefully measured amounts. This minimises the risks to your family, children and pets.