Termite Barriers

Termite Barriers To Protect Your Home on the Central Coast

Termites are a huge problem here on the Central Coast. They can cause massive damage to your property and can be very difficult to get rid of. One of the most effective ways to prevent termites is to install a barrier around your foundation.

Termite barrier systems are proven effective and will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from these damaging pests.

At Central Coast Pest Exterminators, we can install a variety of different termite barriers to suit your needs. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who will be able to assess your property and recommend the best type of barrier for you.

Chemical Termite Barriers

Central Coast Pest Exterminators have years of experience in the installation and maintenance of a variety of barriers.

The best quality chemical barriers are undetectable to Termites. These barriers are instantly effective once the termites come in contact with it, they also transfer the chemicals back throughout the colony causing colony collapse within weeks.

We only use the highest quality products so that we can deliver the best result. We utilise highly-rated products including Termidor and Fipforce.  These products are the most advanced and trusted products on the market. The life expectancy of these products is up to 8 years according to the companies.

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TERM-Seal Termite Barriers

Termites are never far away in the construction process, and Termite Proofing requires an integrated system. Building regulations state that all new buildings must have a termite management system installed. This has seen an increase of quick & easy singular products come onto market recently. However, this is restrictive for two reasons: firstly because it is not tailored to each building’s specifications regarding specific features or materials, secondly they don’t cater to different stages within these processes. TERM-seal™ products and systems work with this logic in mind. Catering for all commercial and residential buildings.

Baiting & Monitoring Barriers

A Termite Baiting and Monitoring System forms a comprehensive Termite Interception Zone around your property. CCPE pest technicians have provided world-class protection and treatment solutions for hundreds, maybe thousands, of homes over the last 6 years.

Annual Termite Inspections 

We have an ongoing commitment and dedication to our customers. This includes pest inspection as part of a termite barrier installation project so that we can provide the greatest end-results for you.

termite barriers

How to prepare your property for termite barrier installation.

  • Move furninture away from the walls of your house by 1 meter so our technicians have access to the perimeter of your house. This includes pot plants, garden furniture, and more.
  • Do not displace the earth because our technicians may be looking for confirmation of pest entry points.
  • Remove any timber or wood that may be lying around
  • Treat any tree stumps anywhere near your property. Our team has a special Preventative Stump Treatment for Termites.
  • If you suspect that you have termites do not disturb anything. Contact us first so that we can provide you with a thorough treatment plan to solve your termite problems.


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