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Do You Have Bed Bug Problems?

Central Coast Pest Exterminators have the best staff training and utilizing high-end Australian-made products. We can guarantee immediate and satisfying results.

Bed bugs can lay dormant for half a year and have an irregular feeding pattern, it can be difficult to recognise the signs until it is too late. Their periods of extended dormancy coupled with the fact that bed bugs mean it’s vital to employee expert Pest Control technicians can be the only successful choice.

If you’re experiencing issues with bed bugs, call our team for Free Consultation and immediate service. We are always available and passionate about helping. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority.

We Offer Complete Pest Control to Get Rid of Bed Bugs and Prevent Them Coming Back.

A qualified and authorised pest control technician can determine the variety, source and extent of the infestation. We also use registered pesticides to manage the particular species of bed bug that you have.

How to assist the technicians

  • Don’t disturb any furniture or household items around your property (even clothing) – This can spread the infestation.
  • Don’t throw out bedding items. Bed bugs are not confined only to your bed, but in other areas including furniture and clothing.
  • Don’t travel or stay at friends’ homes or hotel rooms. Bed Bugs will travel with you and spread to a new home or hotel room.
  • Store or photograph bed bugs if you have been lucky enough to find them. This will help us with identification.

Bed bugs can cause excessive itching and a chance of skin infections. (Source: Health)

For skin irritations, please consult your chemist or doctor but in the meantime, you can

  • Apply Calamine lotion or similar to bite locations
  • Use Oral Antihistamines
  • Use pain relief

Frequently Asked Questions

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We only utilise the most technologically advanced pesticides in carefully measured amounts. This minimises the risks to your family, children and pets.