Flies in large numbers can cause health problems through food contamination

Fly Facts that You Should Know About

Approximately 120.000 species of flies have been described. The actual number of species is much larger. However, all flies belong to the Diptera Family – animals with two wings. Flies can ingest ample amounts of bacteria each time they land on an object. They only feed on liquids, in order for a fly to digest solid food, the fly must first spit on their meal to liquify it.

The life span of flies depends on their species. Many flies live from 8 days to 2 months and some can survive up to one year.

How Flies Get into Your Home or Business

There are various ways that flies can enter your home, office or business. A fly’s survival is reliant on its sense of smell, below are some facts as to why flies may be entering your household.

  • They enter your home or business from food products, decaying organic matter, or dead animals/carcasses.
  • They drift in through open windows, doors, holes, or gaps.
  • They are attracted to sunny parts of the home or light.

Fly Control and Treatment

Our technicians at Central Coast Pest Exterminators are trained to effectively manage and control flies, our task is to prevent them from coming into your place. Before starting our extermination and/or protection solution, we will first take time to learn about your current situation and provide you with the right fly solutions.

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